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The Era of Social Authority

A quick data-driven look at how brands have capitalized on the explosive user growth of Instagram.

The Rise of Social Media Fashion Brands

Social Media has enabled fashion brands to grow faster than ever. We took a look at how some of the most popular brands have competed with fashion icons like Gucci.

Influencer Marketing in Action: Daniel Wellington

We took a look at how Daniel Wellington has grown so popular from their humble beginnings of having nearly no paid advertising spend.
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5 Ways to Detect Influencer Fraud

How should brands combat influencer fraud?

Cheapest Way to Activate an Influencer

The cheapest way to start using influencers is...

How to Frame the Cost of Influencer Marketing

How should you be thinking about the cost of influencer marketing?

Allison+Partners Influencer Marketing Study

We analyzed Allison + Partners influencer marketing study?
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