Influencer Marketing in the Pets Industry

How do you combine awareness and sales in a consolidated influencer marketing campaign?
Not sure whether you want to prioritize e-commerce sales or Instagram growth? We’ll show you how we helped one of our clients tackle both goals in the same campaign below.

The What
Princeton Pet Supply is a family-owned small business specializing in selling beds, toys, and accessories for dogs and cats under a handful of sub-brands.
Given their Instagram page and websites were brand new, they engaged us to gain followers on Instagram as quickly as possible, while generating leads in order to drive future sales to their assorted websites.

The How
Typically, most Smartfluence users split their awareness and sales campaigns. Given the circumstances Princeton Pet Supply found itself in, we opted to combine both objectives. We engaged 10 dog influencers across the world all with under 20K followers in order to drive traffic to a giveaway being run on the brand’s Instagram page. After the winner was selected, Princeton Pet Supply spent the following few days reaching out to the participants with a discount code as a thank you. We then helped them create targeted ads using influencer content, allowing them to scale their efforts.

The Results
As a result of the giveaway, Princeton Pet Supply gained nearly 4,000 followers (roughly 3% of the total number of followers of the influencers used). They also received a whopping 1200 site visits to their pet bed store.

By picking the content with the highest clickthrough rates and combining them with a multi-step Facebook and Instagram ads campaign, we were able to generate a ROAS of 8.3x for the brand in a highly competitive niche and product. Prior to using our influencer strategy, their ROAS was at an already profitable 3.2x, but the simple change in content allowed them to flourish.

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