Fastest Way to Find Influencers Through Hashtags & IG Bio

Find out the fastest way to find influencers on Instagram using hashtag and bio search strategies.

As brands continue to find unique and scalable ways to identify new and growing influencers to represent their brands, many brands are using hashtags to search for influencers that might be more niche-specific .This is especially useful when trying to strategically find influencers to support a content marketing strategy, however, there may be better strategies to use when trying to find the best influencers for your influencer and content strategy.

What is Instagram Hashtag Search?

Instagram users share millions of pieces of content everyday. Between feed posts, stories, lives, and Instagram reels, navigating through all of this content has become more difficult. As a result, many brand marketers like to use the Instagram Hashtag Search feature located on the search bar to see what types of content appears for specific hashtags. This is especially useful when trying to find niche-specific content – if you search #fashion, #clothing, #ootd, #travel, #makeup – you will find pieces of content (top content / recent content) that have used these hashtags in the creator’s copy or comments.

What is an alternative to hashtag searches on Instagram?

Many brands like to look at an influencer’s profile to understand more about whether an influencer could be a good fit for their influencer program. One thing to look at carefully is an influencer’s biography. Located at the top of an influencer’s profile on Instagram, influencers typically add specific details about themselves, partnerships they are involved in, and other identifying characteristics that can help brands make more clear decisions on an influencer. Below is an example of Kim Kardashian promoting her own businesses as well as including a link in bio that will direct traffic to her website SKIMS.

Is there a faster way to search influencer Instagram biographies?

While it can be time consuming to search through a full list of influencers to see if they mention specific items in their bio that could be useful for your influencer selection, using software like Smartfluence can help you narrow down your influencer lists much more quickly. With the Smartfluence Influencer Discovery platform, you can search through over 90 million influencer’s biographies with the click of a button. The search filters allow you to narrow influencers based on keywords, audience demographics, audience interests, and several other key performance indicators that dictate which influencers will be successful for your campaign.

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