How does Promote by Smartfluence work?

Influencer Discovery & Outreach.
Fast, automated, easy.

Save time with a new & automated way to find influencers who can represent your brand.
Automatically have influencers pitch you by creating a simple campaign brief.


The fastest way to reach millions of influencers with one click.


Automate & scale your influencer discovery, outreach, and management

Promote by Smartfluence uses your campaign brief & influencer requirements to find the most qualified influencers within our database of over 90 million influencers.

  1. Automate Outreach: Reach millions of influencers with one campaign brief & only pick people you like for your campaign
  2. Vetted Influencers: We only show your campaign to high quality, vetted influencers by our team of experts
  3. Campaign Management: Seamlessly integrate new influencers into your campaigns in order to maximize your campaign ROI
Paid Social Amplification

Amplify your influencer content with our paid social management services

Don't let your influencer's reach stop at their native audience by amplifying to all paid social platforms

  1. Full-service paid social management & optimization on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube
  2. Access to influencer whitelisting, dark posts, and other tested social advertising strategies
  3. Create strong synergies with your influencer marketing campaigns by engaging in paid social amplification

Step by Step: How Promote Scales Your Campaigns

  • Enter targeting information for your campaign and influencer requirements
  • Promote by Smartfluence sends qualified & targeted influencers your campaign offer
  • Manage which influencers join your campaign through the Smartfluence messaging platform

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