The average ROAS of an influencer marketing campaign is around 7x

Influencer Marketing can be one of the most lucrative channels for you to acquire new traffic and customers for your brand. However, the world of influencer marketing has become more complex as you need to deal with different metrics like engagement rate, audience authenticity, followers, likes, clicks, and sales. What is the proper way to track and measure ROI for your influencer marketing campaigns?

In this Influencer Marketing Playbook
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  • How to curate a team of highly engaged & authentic influencers to represent your brand
  • How to calculate and track ROI for your influencer program
  • The KPIs you need to pay attention to in order to scale
  • How to incorporate influencer marketing into your marketing funnel
  • How to determine the true ROI of your campaign and scale your budget on influencers that work for you
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A Quick Snippet of
What You Will Find Inside...

There are three main types of themes when it comes to KPIs: campaign-based, sales- & ad-based, and traffic-based. While marketers might measure these KPIs differently, there are some definitive ways you want to measure these KPIs in your influencer marketing campaign in order to maximize your ROI and scale your influencer marketing programs...

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