The Top 5 Things Brands Should have Influencers Include in Sponsored Posts

Using influencers in your social media marketing strategy is critical to increasing your follower base and driving sales and awareness to your products. When using influencers, it is important that they include key items in their posts in order for you to maximize your return on the influencer. Here are 5 things you MUST have your influencers include in their posts.

1) Paid Partnership Tag (Branded Content): It is recommended and best practice to use the Paid Partnership Tags for branded content on Instagram. You can learn how to do that in detail here.

2) Tag your brand’s Instagram handle: Influencers should tag your Instagram handle in the copy oftheir post. This will help bring more organic traffic to your page

3) Calls to action for your campaign goals: Including calls-to-action in the copy of the post will give customers a direct action that they should be able to act on immediately. Calls-to-action like 'Swipe Up', 'Link in Bio', or something built into the hashtags are all useful ways to engage your audience.

4) Instagram Product Shopping Tags: Your customers can now shop directly on Instagram. Tagging your products and allowing users to shop will enable you to create a unified experience for your customers to experience the brand and directly buy. Learn how you can get your Instagram account qualified for this feature here.

5) Hashtags: Finally hashtags are crucial to allow your posts to rank and extend its reach to people outside of the influencer's network. Make sure you use relevant hashtags to the post (which we recommend you allow the influencer to select) in addition to the required hashtags you may need that are specific to your campaign.

If you would like to learn more about how to structure sponsored posts with influencers, schedule a call with our team and we will walk you through a customized demo of how you can use influencer marketing with your clients.

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