Why choose Smartfluence over Traackr?

Smartfluence provides data-driven influencer intelligence and predictive campaign analytics that are essential for scaling your influencer marketing campaigns.

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Everything you need to do in one place

Discover new content creators from our database of over 30m influencers
Seamlessly manage and contact new influencers directly through the Smartfluence platform
Track the performance of your campaigns and enable data to maximize your ROI
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AI-Powered Audience Analysis

Get transparency into the audience of any influencer

Access audience data on influencers that you can not find anywhere else. Use proprietary statistics like audience credibility, audience reachability, and detailed audience demographic data to make smart influencer decisions.
Data-Driven Influencer Discovery

Use data to find the right influencers for your brand

Use both audience filters and influencer filters to narrow down your search for the right set of influencers.

NEW: Now you can search based on the text in an influencer's biography and search for only verified influencers and influencers who have done sponsored posts before.
All-In-One Campaign Management

Manage your entire campaign
from start to finish

With the Smartfluence platform you can manage your entire campaign from influencer identification to performance tracking. Use our "Bulk Email" feature to instantly connect with influencers and send them your own templated briefs.
Campaign Reporting & Analytics

Use predicative analytics and measure your success

Analyze your campaigns by using our predictive campaign analytics module that will help you assess what your campaign will look like from both a demographic and cost perspective. Furthermore, track the performance of your influencers so you know what types of influencers to use in future campaigns.
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