Instagram Captions for Brands

What is the right way to make captions on Instagram as a brand?

If you're a brand that is struggling to create highly engaging posts, you may want to look into how you are captioning your content on Instagram. While the content visual itself is extremely important to capture the attention of an audience, the caption is what enables you to target a response from an audience. In this article, we are going to go over a few topics that'll answer any of the following questions: Best captions for Instagram Brands, Captions for Instagram Giveaways, Captions to Increase Engagement.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you're making captions for your posts:

1) Are you addressing your audience?

2) Is it relevant to your visual content?

3) What is your call to action?

Are you addressing your audience?

Addressing your audience is especially important to do at the beginning of your captions so that they can relate directly to the post. Using phrases that sound like "Are you foodie?" / "Do you spend your time outside?" helps reel in your audience and sets you up to create follow up phrases that will be important to increase the engagement of your posts.

Is your caption relevant to your visual content?

The second thing to keep in mind is to align your visual content to the caption. If you are doing a giveaway, make sure it is clear what you are giving away and how people can enter the giveaway. Its also common to do a carousel post for giveaways and have people scroll to the right to learn more about the giveaway. Furthermore, many brands like to post product/brand agnostic content so that their feeds don't seem to salesy. This is important to do in order to give potential customers an understanding of the culture. When doing so, you want to stay away from mentioning your brand and product in the posts. Its important to delineate your content so you give customers a clear message of the brand.

What is your call to action?

The last, and most important thing to do, is to include a call to action in every single post. If you are doing a giveaway post, you will want to clearly have all of the instructions for entering the giveaway. For other types of posts, using phrases like "tag your 3 friends" or "comment your thoughts below" are important to add as it gives the audience a clear understanding of what you are trying to get out of the post. Most of these calls to action should be close to the top of the copy itself. You can let the visual and rest of the copy convince them why they should follow through on your call to action.

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