FAQ: Promote by Smartfluence

How do I create a Promote?

Create a promote by going to the Promote by Smartfluence section and click 'New Promote'. This will take you to a new page that will ask for some details about your campaign and influencer preferences.

What campaign parameters do I need to include?

After creating a Promote Campaign, you need to enter campaign details about your requirements, influencer payment offers, influencer post requirements and restrictions.

You can then add specific influencer audience targeting details that will help the Smartfluence algorithm find hundreds of relevant influencers for your campaign. These influencers will be automatically notified of your active campaign and you will be informed if they are interested in working with you.

How do I accept or reject influencers in my campaign?

When you have an outstanding influencer to assess for your campaign, it will show up on your Promote Campaign. Clicking into your influencer management module will allow you to "Accept" or "Reject" the influencers who show interest in your campaigns. Upon accepting any influencer, you will be directly connected with them to manage your influencer relationship.

How do I message and connect with influencers in my campaign?

Once you accept an influencer for your Promote campaign, they will appear in the "Messaging" section on the platform. You should send them a message directly (this will also send over your email directly to the message, so you can manage your communication in two places)!