How Nuzzie scaled their sales with paid social by leveraging their existing influencer whitelisting strategy with Smartfluence.
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The Story

Nuzzie engaged with hundreds of influencers using the Smartfluence platform and took their strategy one step further by whitelisting the influencer content on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook in order to generate sales for their weighted blanket.

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The Challenge

Nuzzie is the top-rated premium weighted blanket that is loved and used by their customers. The idea to craft the perfect weighted blanket was born out of the founder's frustration by the flaws of existing weighted blankets. Nuzzie was seeking to find product advocates who could help them expand their brand's reach. Furthermore, they were looking for ways to scale their revenue on paid social as it was an unexplored channel for them.

The Solution

Nuzzie engaged with Smartfluence to do two things:

1) Build their influencer program with loyal product advocates

2) Engage Smartfluence's paid social management services to achieve a high ROAS with influencer content

Nuzzie used the Smartfluence platform to identify influencers to work with by exchanging their blankets for content and posts. As a unique solution for higher-tier products, many brands opt to offer product only for collaborations. This is precisely what Nuzzie did and was able to attract many creators since their product was extremely high quality. Creators were excited to try the blanket and create content with it. Nuzzie targeted influencers in the fashion and home decor industries as they had found previous success with influencers in these categories. Once they identified the right influencers, they executed their gifting campaign and immediately got content that they could then leverage across their own organic social media and other assets. Nuzzie had a large degree of confidence with the influencers they worked with since they were able to receive a ton of intelligence from both the Smartfluence platform and the customer success team that provides higher touch support for influencer campaigns.

Following their successful gifting campaign, Nuzzie utilized the influencer content and their pages to whitelist the content on Facebook and Instagram ads. This enabled them to expand their reach beyond the influencer's audience and be highly specific and targeted with the Meta advertising system. Smartfluence was able to manage their ads with the content received from influencers and scale their paid social budget from the ground up. The benefit of Meta ads is that you are able to use as much or as little budget per campaign and really figure out what audience receives your content well. By A/B testing and optimizing the content, audience, and messaging of the ads, Nuzzie was able to immediately see a lift in their return on ad spend.

The Results

After engaging with Smartfluence, Nuzzie has been able to build a scalable process for expanding their influencer program and continue to find ways to optimize their paid social budgets with Smartfluence's paid social team. Nuzzie currently works with many creators and has been able to generate over 200 pieces of content. This helped them dramatically increase their earned media.

Furthermore, Nuzzie's paid social campaigns have generated a 3.6x return on ad spend and has dramatically increased their website traffic.

Nuzzie was able to create a massive influencer content engine within their team in-house, instead of having to hire a costly outside agency to continue to manage and develop new relationships for them.

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