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How Clara Sunwoo doubled their paid social budget and achieved a ROAS of over 10x with Smartfluence.
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The Story

Clara Sunwoo built a massive influencer program to promote their product line and enabled their expansion on social media. With hundreds of brand partners, Clara Sunwoo is able to endlessly promote content across their website and social media channels. Furthermore, they are able to build really powerful paid social campaigns to supplement their organic efforts.

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The Challenge

Clara Sunwoo is a well respected ageless life style fashion brand that provides wrinkle free, travel friendly effortless designs, using high quality signature stretch knit fabrics. Designed in NYC and made in the USA, the mother-daughter design team is known for perfect fit and attention to detail.

Clara Sunwoo was having trouble scaling their paid social advertising through Facebook and Instagram due to their limited capability of sourcing content for ads. They had limited content from photoshoots and product shoots and were looking for a way to expand their creative assets without a full creative team.

From there, the main objective was to drive direct-to-consumer online sales through scaling their paid social spending & increasing their return on ad spend (ROAS).

The Solution

Clara Sunwoo engaged Smartfluence to execute an influencer campaign specifically built to generating sales of their Liquid Leather Jacket. Smartfluence implemented a two-part strategy in order to drive sales through social media channels.

1) Use the Smartfluence Platform to build an influencer program

- Identify and authenticate new influencers and their audiences

- Connect with hundreds of potential influencers for partnerships at scale using the Smartfluence messaging platform

- Manage influencer relationships and content through the built-in influencer relationship management feature

- Assess post-campaign influencer performance

2) Use influencer-generated content to create unique, creative, and integrated sales ads Influencer-generated content naturally distinguishes itself from the standard product ad that the majority of brands run. Potential customers are familiar with the influencers' content, and therefore they are pushed from being potential customers to loyal purchasers.

Implementing influencer content into your Paid Social campaigns will maximize your return.

The Results

Clara Sunwoo utilizes influencer-generated content as a new format for Paid Social advertising. This allows them to scale their Paid Social budgets and generate a higher ROAS as compared to their standard catalog sales conversion ads.

With a ROAS of 10x+, Clara Sunwoo is able to continuously use new influencer content to expand their paid social campaigns and keep their product line fresh in the eyes of new and existing customers.

On average, Smartfluence clients see their ROAS multiply by 2-3x when implementing influencer strategies alongside existing Paid Social campaigns.

Smartfluence has a great team and has really opened our eyes to influencer marketing. Smart, fast, efficient.

- Roseann Sunwoo
Founder of Clara Sunwoo

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