How to Approach Advertising through
TikTok Influencer Marketing

TikTok has quickly grown to become one of the largest and most influential social media platforms operating today, with an equally large abundance of opportunities for TikTok influencer marketing through the app. With a user base exceeding 500 million, TikTok has surpassed Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat and has reached a record number of younger users globally. TikTok is currently available in 150 markets and in over 70 languages, making it a prime tool for influencer marketing today. The app’s popularity can in part be attributed to its accessibility and the way it enables anyone to become a well-known content creator. The endless opportunities to share individual creativity with millions has formed an entirely new generation of TikTok influencers that connect with audiences on a personal level, with a genuine sense of trust established through their relatability and proximity to Gen Z life and culture.

5 ways to successfully advertise on TikTok
The short-form video content that characterizes the TikTok experience is well-suited to adapt to the influencer marketing strategies of brands looking to reach a target audience through the platform.

1. Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are incorporated into TikTok’s new shoppable feature that allows users to view videos under specific hashtags controlled as a marketing strategy by brands. Under certain hashtags on TikTok’s search page, users are able to choose between the Video section of branded videos and the Explore section that links to products and the envisioned shopping experience.

2. Branded Stickers 

Branded stickers offer brands a more subtle and interactive method to advertise to large audiences. Stickers associated with the nature of any given brand become available to users across the platform to integrate into their own, personal content and expand their reach in that regard. 

3. In-Feed Sponsored Ads 

Brands and marketing strategists can run ads that appear in the same short-video format as TikTok’s primary content that seamlessly appear in user feeds as people scroll. TikTok enables brands to reach specific target audiences for their ads based on age, gender identity, and location. 4. Brand Take-Over Ads Brand Take-Over ads allow advertising videos to gain immediate attention as they appear as soon as the app is opened. They aim to persuade users to follow a link to a brand’s respective website or online store while also allowing people to view them and then scroll. Take-overs can often garner five million or more views in a single day. 5. Influencer Marketing Ads One of the most popular and lucrative types of ads on the TikTok interface are influencer marketing ads that reach audiences through content creator/influencer-brand partnerships. These ads often see a lot of success due to the creative freedom content creators are given to tailor their sponsored ads towards their followers in an engaging and authentic way. The product or service is featured within a video that would normally appeal to the TikTok influencer’s audience accompanied by a hashtag naming the brand and identifying the partnership.(Bang Energy drink ad): 

Ultimately engaging audiences through TikTok influencer marketing strategies will allow brands and products to reach potential consumers in an authentic and organic way. Reach out to the Smartfluence team today to find how you can help your brand effectively grow through influencer marketing!

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