• A deeper dive into our technology

    We have created a platform-based ecosystem that enables

    brands to smoothly navigate the influencer marketing

    process with data-driven confidence

  • AI-Powered Influencer Recommendation Engine

    - We create highly targeted matches to influencers that have a similar social presence to a brand's targets & goals​​


    - Proprietary social listening technology allows us improve our recommendation engine by gathering & organizing data about every type of audience on social media


    - Based on what audience sentiment is regarding new products, peoples & trends, our algorithm adjusts its recommendation to account for dynamic shifts in industry

    Influencer Growth Predictor

    - We have analyzed thousands of influencer lives going back to their first days on social media, enabling us to understand what makes an influencer attract an authentic & engaged audience


    - Our influencer recommendation engine adapts recommendations based on an influencer's growth momentum, giving brands an opportunity to work with the next big thing


    - We authenticate influencer audiences to combat fake followers and engagement through our audience authenticity score

    Predictive Campaign Analytics

    - Forward-looking audience engagement analytics enable brands to make smart and transparent decisions


    - Our platform allows brands to create scenarios to see the hypothetical reach & engagement of the influencers in a campaign


    - Manage your influencers and identify which ones make sense to continue a longer-term partnership with

    Transparent & Customized Performance Tracking

    - Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and track those results back to your initial goals of social authority


    - In-depth & customized reporting to fit as a comparison to your existing social media advertising benchmarks


    - Automatically feeds performance information back to our algorithms to help create better recommendations

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