The What

Hopjump is a leading provider of personalized travel recommendations and targeted travel content to consumers.

The main objective of the campaign was to generate followers, engagement and website traffic for their new travel platform.

The How

Smartfluence was tasked to grow Hopjump's social media followers and find relevant travel-related audiences that would be future targeted customers of Hopjump's platform.

By utilizing our proprietary method for generating high-converting social media ads and enhancing Hopjump's organic profile traffic, travel-focused audiences became more compelled to learn more about how Hopjump can fit into their lives.

The Proof

No bots, no gimmicks, just clever ads

Our system is rooted in our deep understanding of paid advertising algorithms. We run deep ads for our clients exclusively on social to maximize reach at minimal cost. The regional targeting we use is up to you - with a wide range of ad cost depending on the region. In most cases, we run simultaneous campaigns so you can gain followers across the world. For each campaign, we run anywhere from 5 to 10 ad sets, each with 1-5 ads, for a total of up to 50 ads running at the same time. This gives us a chance to examine performance, and optimize our ads throughout the month. Our clients have seen spectacular results, seeing cost per click to their page in some cases falling below!

Disclaimer*: these results vary based on the quality of content on your page, regional targeting, and industry. Below is a sample of our real results across a few industries targeting global audiences.

The Results

Current Status:
3000+ engagement/post
1500+ website visits/week

Growth Highlights:

Grew 300 to 10k followers in a week

5m+ impressions/week
1-2¢ cost per click
4-5¢ cost per follower

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