How does Smartfluence's paid social amplification services work?

Paid Social Amplification
GROW your sales & reach.

Scale your influencer campaigns with paid social. Our team executes expertly customized paid social campaigns to help brands optimize and scale their influencer-focused ads.


What is paid social amplification with influencers?

Paid social amplification (or influencer whitelisting) is a marketing strategy where creators give brands permission to advertise their content across social channels to broaden the audience reached.

How does paid social amplification benefit brands?

Paid social amplification has a natural synergy with influencer marketing campaigns. By running paid social campaigns on influencer content, brands can toggle multiple factors:

  • Scale: Brands can increase or decrease budgets for any given piece of content
    Test: Brands have a wide array of variables to choose from in order to properly a/b test content
    Optimize: Brands can choose to optimize for multiple goals by customizing content and messaging
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Smartfluence's Process for Managed Influencer Campaigns

Influencer Identification + Selection
We discover & vet ideal influencers
using the Smartfluence platform
Influencer Communication + NegotiationManage your influencer relationships
directly on the Smartfluence platform
Scale Your Reach on Paid Social
We'll manage your paid social campaigns
with your influencer content and scale your KPIs
Creator Posts Sponsored Content
...and you are live! Your creator's content
will be posted across social media
Content Creation & Approval
Your creators are making content.
We'll help manage the final product
for your approval
Our Process
influencer identification
+ selection
content creation & approval
creator posts content
scale your reach on
paid social
creator posts content

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