• Leverage influencers to expand your reach to new audiences

    Our influencer recommendation platform utilizes a data-driven approach to match your brand to niche-specific influencers with authentic audiences.

  • AI-Powered Influencer Recommendation Engine

    - We create highly targeted matches to influencers that have a similar social presence to a brand's targets & goals​​


    - Proprietary social listening technology allows us improve our recommendation engine by gathering & organizing data about every type of audience on social media


    - Based on what audience sentiment is regarding new products, peoples & trends, our algorithm adjusts its recommendation to account for dynamic shifts in industry

    Influencer Audience Demographic Analytics

    - We provide detailed audience demographic analytics (Age, Gender, Location, and Interests) for every influencer on our platform


    - We have built technology to analyze the audience of any influencer, enabling us to continuously add to our current database of over 10,000 hand-picked influencers


    - Our proprietary pricing algorithm enables you to get a fair estimate for the cost of an influencer

    Predicting the Growth of Influencer Audiences

    - We have analyzed thousands of influencer lives going back to their first days on social media, enabling us to understand what makes an influencer attract an authentic & engaged audience


    - Our influencer recommendation engine adapts recommendations based on an influencer's growth momentum, giving brands an opportunity to work with the next big thing


    - We authenticate influencer audiences to combat fake followers and engagement through our audience authenticity score

  • Social Media Optimization

    Increase the organic traffic to your page


    Predictive Analytics

    Get ahead of the curve by tracking the

    performance of your campaigns

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