The What

For some brands, growing a brand TikTok account can be quite challenging to do, especially without the right tools and strategies. Our clients frequently task us with growing their TikTok accounts. Similar to some of the growth strategies we successfully implement across social media platforms, TikTok utilizes a similar model for growth and we have found ways to help otherwise stagnant pages pickup some steam.

The main objective of this types of campaign is to generate followers, engagement and website traffic.

The How

We run a combination of strategies to help TikTok accounts grow their follower base - one strategy uses influencer shoutouts and the other uses TikTok ads themselves.

Our execution strategy was simple. Our platform allowed us to find influencers that match a brand’s audience targeting (even in very niche spaces). We then reached out to 100 creators before narrowing down to the 10 creators who we felt matched our client’s audience and style the best. We then had them all post at the same time driving traffic to our client’s page.

By receiving an influx of traffic, new followers and interested customers flocked to particular videos, allowing us to find patterns. At the time, the page had an average of 2,000 views per video. Thanks to this exogenous traffic, a few of the videos went relatively viral, crossing 10,000 views. We ran those pieces of user-generated content as Spark ads, allowing us to boost existing posts in order to generate followers while harnessing TikTok’s native algorithm since it finds people most likely to follow the account, assuming the content is high quality enough.

The Results

We were able to grow the account at a startlingly cheap price! Our international, English-speaking followers were gained at an average of $0.03 per follower, while our American followers were gained at $0.18 per follower! Allowing our clients to choose the blend they saw fit, we arrived at a blended cost of just$0.10 per follower. 

Imagine if you could build your ideal audience in a matter of days with just a thousand dollars in ad spend to get you over 10,000 followers. What would you do with that audience? Would you retarget them to sell more products? Would you build lookalike audiences and expand? Would you push them to a newsletter? The good thing is, the possibilities are endless, and you’re completely in control. If you want to learn more about our process and see how Smartfluence can help you grow your TikTok account without any bots or gimmicks, just influencer content and ads, click the button below!

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