FAQ: Campaign & Influencer Management

How do I create a new campaign?

Go to the "Manage Campaigns" page and click the button that says "Create New Campaign". This is where you will add influencers and view details on a specific campaign you are running.

How do I export my influencers to CSV?

Go to a campaign and be sure that you have added a list of influencers to the campaign. Once that is done, simply click the second icon at the top of the page in order export your list to CSV. The export will include contact information for the influencers.

How do I create an e-mail outreach template?

You can use the bio text search filter on the influencer identification page in order to narrow your search by keywords and phrases. We recommend using this filter if you have very specific requirements for influencers. Keep in mind, the majority of influencers will not always include specific language in their profile - which is why it is important to broaden your search parameters if you do not find what you are looking for.

How do I send multiple emails at once to my influencers?

Within your campaign, select all of the influencers you want to email and hit the "Bulk Email" button. You will then select a template you want to use to send an email to these influencers. Be sure to follow-up via email and direct messages!