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Why Does Your Brand Need Influencers?

Siddharth Kumar

In a world where consumers are bombarded by banner ads and branded video promotions at every turn, there is a growing need for more authentic, personal, recommendations. This is where influencers come into play. Creating a campaign with a quality influencer will give you access to their audience and their peripheral network - allowing you to drive targeted traffic to your site or product with a higher rate of return than any other form of traditional marketing.

Influencers generate content about your brand, showcasing it to their loyal followers. It is absolutely imperative that the right influencers are selected for your campaign in order to achieve the best possible results. Campaign success comes down to knowing your audience. Often, we find brands jumping at the opportunity to use influencers with large following without focusing on the characteristics of their audience, leading to poor ROI. At Smartfluence, not only allow you to pick a niche that suits your needs, we dive deep into audience composition, and use our proprietary algorithms to pick the ideal influencer with the audience most attuned to your brand's products and values.

Influencer marketing is growing at a remarkable rate. Brands of various sizes, particularly within fashion and fitness, are utilizing influencers to boost their brand's authenticity and reach across millennial audiences globally. A lot of the time, influencers will accept products in exchange for a post or review instead of requiring payment if they believe in the product they are reviewing - a cheap solution for brands looking for quick and large exposure. Typically, these posts link directly back to the brand's site or product, making it easy to track ROI from each post.

So how do you pick the right influencer for your brand? We track numerous variables in our multi-factor matching model, but the key factors that affect ROI are niche, reach, and engagement. Not only do you need to choose an influencer operating in the same space as you, but you need one with quality followers that actually engage with their posts at scale. We have our proprietary algorithms that also mitigate influencer fraud so you won't fall for an influencer with a million followers with just 1% engagement.

Now that you have an idea as to what influencer marketing is and how to identify the proper influencer, we invite you to reach out to us and join the waitlist for our upcoming release when we will gladly schedule a demo for you!

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