Smartfluence Promote: How To Automate Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

As most marketers know, proper influencer selection and outreach can take a lot of time when you are trying to build the perfect influencer marketing campaign. We are always searching for faster, accurate, and more efficient ways to help marketers build their influencer marketing programs. In that process, we broke down the three most important parts of an influencer marketing campaign. The Smartfluence platform can help you automate every part of these steps.

1.    Campaign Parameters
Choosing the right campaign parameters is important to enable your audience targeting to work for your brand. The majority of successful campaigns comes down to proper targeting execution. Do you know what your target audience demographics are? Smartfluence provides you with a selection of targeting details that you can toggle to make sure you are discovering the right types of social media influencers.

2.     Influencer Selection
Once you understand the parameters of your campaign, you can use Smartfluence’s automated influencer discovery platform - Smartfluence Promote. Smartfluence Promote will use your campaign parameters to find thousands of influencers that will be a perfect fit for your campaign. By using our machine learning algorithms, we can automatically discovery the right influencers for your brand.

3.     Influencer Outreach
Outreach through Smartfluence Promote is completely automated. Just sit back and relax while influencer proposals get sent directly to your inbox. As you receive proposals, you can choose to accept or reject influencers and refine the Smartfluence Promote’s targeting to perfect your automated campaign outreach.

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