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4 Steps to Launching a Successful Influencer Campaign

Siddharth Kumar

A successful influencer marketing campaign can be broken down into just four easy steps. The key revolves around careful planning and targeting ahead of time. We often find influencer campaigns that unnecessarily fail due to brands skipping these basic actions.

Step 1: Identifying the ideal audience.

This is arguably the most important step in our list - particularly for a small business or startup. A brand needs to define its audience using a few key variables - largely demographics. Beyond the basic age, gender, and location variables, brands need to pay attention to their audience's brand affinity and industry. By looking at the audience makeup of larger, more successful brands, a brand can target similar followers when launching their own campaign - provided these followers fit within the previous criteria.

Step 2: Identifying the goal.

While most marketers look at influencers as a means to just drive sales, they are tremendously useful when it comes to growing the sponsoring brand's social media presence itself. For continued success online, it's imperative that a brand builds out its own profiles and following across the key social media platforms. When launching a campaign, brands can choose whether to optimize for driving sales, leads, or traffic to their accounts. The selection of this goal sets up the campaign ROI calculation, and also informs the influencer selection later on.

Step 3: Creating an incentive.

Everyone loves getting a deal. Play to this basic aspect of human psychology when launching your campaign. Influencers will appear as more successful if they are able to get a special deal just for their followers. Whether this is a complete freebie, or just a token discount, it will still make a difference when looking at conversion rates for the sponsored posts.

Step 4: Picking the right influencer.


The final step is Smartfluence's very reason for existence. We often see brands choosing random influencers and paying arbitrary prices. It's absolutely crucial that the influencer you select maps to the audience you seek and fits the goals of your campaign. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms carefully recommend a list of influencers based on the previous steps, helping you achieve the highest ROI for your campaign.

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