• Streamline your influencer campaigns from start to finish

    Our predictive analytics platform enables you to have more transparency into your campaigns. We believe it is critical for brands to have an influencer campaign management tool that can provide them with data-driven insights.

  • Predictive Campaign Demographics

    - Forward-looking audience engagement analytics enable brands to make smart and transparent decisions


    - Our platform allows brands to create scenarios to see the hypothetical reach & engagement of the influencers in a campaign


    - Manage your influencers and identify which ones make sense to continue a longer-term partnership with

    Predictive Cost Analytics

    - Predict what your campaign costs will look like and compare cost metrics to similar campaigns that you have run in the past


    - Toggle between influencers to understand how they impact key cost metrics for your campaign


    - Save time and money by eliminating influencers that do not meet your requirements before you actually run the campaign

    Transparent & Customized Performance Tracking

    - Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and track those results back to your initial goals of social authority


    - In-depth & customized reporting to fit as a comparison to your existing social media advertising benchmarks


    - Automatically feeds performance information back to our algorithms to help create better recommendations



    Social Media Optimization

    Increase the organic traffic to your page


    Influencer Selection

    Use our data-driven recommendations

    to drive your influencer selection

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