• Predictive Influencer Marketing


    Smartfluence is a machine learning platform

    that matches brands to influencers by identifying

    targeted captive audiences in every industry



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    Giving you the edge to identify growth influencers


    We have integrated deep learning methods to identify influencers that will be your brand's strongest assets. We have looked at millions of data points about social media profiles and figured out what makes an influencer popular in every niche. Combine that with our result-driven identification approach and we will help you grow your brand's audience.

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  • Our Value Proposition

















    Data-backed strategies to help brands expand their organic reach through social media profile optimization

















    Industry-proven campaign strategies that revolutionize the way brands interact with their audience

















    AI-driven influencer recommendation engine that matches brands to high quality & fast growing influencers

















    Customized performance tracking & reporting that optimizes our influencer discovery engine results

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